Essential Business Statement:
To our customers, vendors, employees and all of their families;

As a supplier of seals, molded rubber and PTFE products, hose assemblies and adapters to many essential businesses, MSP Seals is considered an essential business and is open and functioning.

We are continuing to monitor the situation concerning the COVID-19 outbreak. We stay up to date with any CDC information, heeding recommendations that help keep our staff safe and healthy.  We’ve taken steps to heighten the cleanliness of our facility and our staff’s awareness of the situation.

Our supply chain is constructed to mitigate risk so that we can continue to serve our customers without interruption. This includes multiple sources of supply from diverse geographic locations. We have also taken into consideration any potential threats to sourcing and are adjusting stock levels as warranted. Any issues encountered which would impede our service will be shared immediately with our customer.

At this time, operations at MSP Seals have not been diminished. Should this change we will communicate it to those affected.

John Miller Sr.

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