Types of Automotive Seals

There are several types of automotive seals with unique design features and advantages. However, the two main types of seals used in the automotive industry include:
Oil seal on a white background with shallow depth of field


O-rings come as donut-shaped gaskets commonly utilized in automotive and other industries as protection against fluid and air leaks. Their circular cross-section design offers reliable sealing under pressure in any direction. This bidirectional sealing capability makes them ideal for several automotive industry applications. O-rings are also designed to withstand extreme pressure, temperatures, and corrosive gases and liquids.


Oil seals are also known as rotary shaft seals or lip seals. They are flexible rings of elastomer designed to secure boundaries between moving and stationary components in a machine. Although these rings are flexible, they are durable enough to withstand wear, tear, friction, and exposure to oil. These attributes enable oil seals to keep lubricants in a machine while preventing contaminants from getting in. By ensuring moving parts receive adequate lubrication needed for optimum performance, oil seals help prolong the lifespan of precision bearings and rotating shafts.


Custom Engineered seals help ensure your equipment and systems operate exactly as you expect. This can include boots, bellows, diaphragms, grommets, and other custom shapes. If you need a custom sealing solution for your facility, the experts at MSP Seals are here to help. Our custom sealing solutions are available in single pieces to high-volume production quantities. We also offer a variety of material options to suit different application requirements.

Infographic covering the application of automotive seals







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