MSP Seals Inc. is a leading  seal supplier for various industries, including the medical industry. Our medical seals improve the safety and hygiene of the environment and products produced.

Different seals prevent contamination, contain harsh chemicals, and resist different temperatures. Therefore, making them a vital component in every device and equipment used for various medical applications.

MSP Seals Inc. provides seals that are created through the highest manufacturing process. At the same time, these can withstand harsh and toxic chemicals and undergo rigorous testing to ensure quality and confidence.

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The Different Types of Medical Seals for the Medical Industry

Many types of medical seals are available from MSP Seals Inc. These seals protect the handlers, patients, and devices from harmful leakages or contaminates.

So before choosing the right type of seal, you must understand its application beforehand. It would be best if you considered several factors the device will encounter, such as the following:

  • Contact
  • Motion
  • Temperature
  • Pressure
  • Lifespan
  • Safety
  • Sanitation

Fortunately, MSP Seals Inc. provides some of the most common seals used in the medical industry.


Medical O rings are used due to their economic advantages. They are circular gaskets that can seal in any direction to protect against air and fluid leaks. O-rings do not require tightening, making them easy to install and maintain. They are durable and can withstand various temperatures, tolerances, and pressures.

Other Benefits of O-Rings:

  • Form an essential part of any device
  • Cost-effective
  • Very reliable and strong
  • Resist harsh environmental and chemical reactions

In the medical industry, O-rings are used in respiratory equipment, drug delivery devices, fluid transfer devices, pumps, and so much more.

Lip Seals

Also called oil seals or rotary shafts, lip seals are durable, flexible rings made of elastomer. Lip seals are wear-resistant, making them ideal for securing the barrier between moving and stationary components in a machine. By sealing gaps in machinery, lip seals prevent contaminants from entering the system and stop lubricants from leaking.

Other Benefits of Lip Seals:

  • It can be used in a wide variety of equipment – from slow-moving to high-speed rotations
  • Withstand temperatures from below freezing to 500 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Maintains friction in the device

Lip seals are primarily used in different machines and equipment in the medical industry equipment typically found in the hospital, clinic or bedside.


Medical gaskets provide a strong seal that can withstand extreme temperatures without compromising performance. Moreover, they offer protection against contamination and premature failure. Gaskets serve an essential function in many medical devices. To prevent leakage, they create seals between two components or flanges with flat surfaces.

Other Benefits of Gaskets:

  • Protects machines from wear and tear
  • Connects machine parts to reduce friction

Gaskets are essential in the medical industry since they ensure no harmful chemicals and contaminants enter the system.  The medical industry also utilizes gaskets in most devices to protect against dirt, dust, fluids, and electromagnetic interference (EMI).

Custom Molded Shapes

Custom Engineered seals help ensure your equipment and systems operate precisely as you expect. It can include boots, bellows, diaphragms, grommets, and other custom shapes. 

If you need a custom sealing solution for your facility, the experts at MSP Seals are here to help. Our custom sealing solutions are available in single pieces to high-volume production quantities. We also offer a variety of material options to suit different application requirements and can meet specific material requirements.  PPAP Available

Other Benefits of Custom-Molded Seals:

  • Can create the proper seal for a particular machine
  • Can aid in design of seals for OEM. Designs to fit specific sealing requirements

In the medical sector, where a specific shape and size are needed to guarantee optimal medical device performance, custom molded seals are an ideal solution.

Infographic Applications of Seals in Medical Industry

Applications of Medical Seals for the Medical Industry

In the medical industry, medical-grade seals are used whenever liquids or gasses are pumped, transferred, contained, drained, or dispensed. They also come in various shapes and sizes to accommodate complex applications the medical industry demands.

Lip Seals are used in diagnostic laboratories for high-precision instrument control as they help prevent leakage and maintain precise flow rates during testing. In addition, O-rings and gaskets are used in endoscopes, providing a secure yet flexible seal between the device’s connection points. 

Medical seals are also used in other medical applications, such as pacemakers and ventilators, etc. In these cases, the seals provide a secure seal and help maintain consistent pressure and prevent leakage of fluids or gases. They also help protect against outside influences and contamination while ensuring minimal vibration or noise interference with sensitive electronic components.

Finally, they can connect parts that must fit together, such as a disposable syringe barrel and plunger assembly or a medication dispenser cap or other custom sealing requirements

Applications of Medical Seals for the Food & Beverage Industry

Since plant operation managers are primarily responsible for the quality of the products they manufacture for the food and beverage industry, it’s imperative to keep any contaminants at bay and prevent any leakage from ever happening. These can ensure that all the products arrive in perfect condition and are safe for humans and animals to consume.

It’s critical to construct factories with safety and hygiene at the core. They must meet all requirements, especially during operations. Furthermore, they must be designed for easy cleaning. And this is where seals come into play. When visual inspection can’t be carried out, using the correct seal can help ensure that the product is safe during the entire food process and operation.

High-Quality Sealing Solutions for the Medical Industry

Medical-grade seals are essential in the medical industry. They provide an effective solution to prevent air and fluid leaks, protect devices from wear, prevent contamination, and maintain quality products. All of these factors are critical components in ensuring a successful production.  MSP Seals is ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 certified with full PPAP capabilities.

If you’re searching for medical-grade seals or food grade seals, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re here to provide you with the best seals and assist you with the design you want and need for the industry they are intended for.