Construction sealing technology is a vital component of successful construction projects. Hydraulic construction equipment, regularly exposed to fluctuating temperatures, aggressive chemicals, moisture, and other environmental variables, must be outfitted with durable seals that can withstand extreme conditions and maintain equipment functioning.

Without resilient construction seals, construction companies could not dig, lift and move heavy materials efficiently; consequently, construction sealing is an indispensable technology in the construction sector.

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Sealing Solutions for Construction Industry

At MSP Seals, Inc., we specialize in providing durable construction seals that deliver reliable performance across various applications. Our experts understand the nuances of hydraulic and pneumatic systems, and we design construction seals to suit specific needs. 

We use cutting-edge materials to ensure maximum sealing capabilities and optimal resistance to environmental factors. Our seals are designed to:

  • Provide an air-tight seal, creating a barrier between the internal and external environment
  • Prevent leakage of liquids, gases, and other materials
  • Reduce friction between surfaces and enhance the overall performance of machinery
  • Protect components from abrasion and wear-and-tear
  • Withstand extreme temperatures, pressures, moisture, dust, and corrosive elements
  • Promote efficiency, reduce downtime and save energy
  • Protect parts from wear and tear caused by regular use
  • Reduce maintenance costs due to their long-lasting performance
  • Prolonged equipment life

We offer construction seals for a variety of applications, including:

  • Heavy lifting and excavation equipment
  • Earth movers and backhoes
  • Concrete pumps
  • Mobile cranes
  • Dredging systems
  • Compressors
  • Variety of other types of equipment

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Types of Construction Seals

MSP Seals, Inc. offers a wide range of construction seals for all types of equipment, including:

Rotary Lip Seals

Rotary lip seals are designed to protect the rotating shafts in hydraulic and pneumatic systems. They are available in various materials, including PTFE, elastomer, and stainless steel. Our rotary lip seal construction is designed for maximum performance in all conditions.

Machines with many moving parts often use oil to lubricate and protect mechanical components. However, when using oil, it’s important to take steps to prevent costly and potentially hazardous leaks. Oil seals offer a simple but effective solution, closing spaces between mechanical components to prevent lubricants from escaping. As an added benefit, oil seals also prevent moisture or chemical contaminants from breaching gaps in the machinery.

Hydraulic and pneumatic rubber seals

Hydraulic and pneumatic rubber seals are designed to prevent the leakage of liquids, gas, and other materials. They also reduce friction between rotating surfaces, enhance the overall performance of machinery, and protect components from wear and tear. Our rubber seals are designed to resist extreme temperatures, pressure, moisture, dust, and corrosive elements.


Our O-rings are designed for maximum performance in different applications and can withstand extreme temperatures, pressures, and environmental conditions.

Custom Molded Seals

Custom molded seals offer superior sealing performance and can be designed to fit any requirement. Our custom-molded seals are designed to withstand extreme conditions and ensure an optimal seal in each application.

Hose Assemblies

The specialists at MSP Seals have the knowledge and skills necessary to engineer the right hose assembly and fitting solution for virtually any application. Some factors the team considers when designing and creating a custom solution include hose type, length, and fitting orientation.

Construction Sealing Solutions at MSP Seals

At MSP Seals, Inc., we understand the importance of construction sealing technology. We have designed a wide range of durable seals for different applications. Our engineers have extensive experience designing, testing, and manufacturing construction seals to meet the specific requirements of various projects.

At MSP Seals, Inc., we have the experience and expertise to develop construction seals for the industry. We are committed to providing superior service and products, which is why we strive to offer the highest quality construction seals at competitive prices. Contact us today to discuss your sealing needs!

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