Memorial Day is the unofficial beginning of summer. Grills are lit, patios are prepared, garden plants are planted, parades, watching the Indy 500, flags and a soft thank you for service to our country being said.

Memorial Day is about gratitude. It is about remembering fallen soldiers who died risking their lives for our country, the United States of America.  It is about honoring those who protect and serve our great nation. Those who put aside their own safety for our safety. They put aside their own comfort so that we can live in comfort. They lay down their lives for the principles and values of the United States of America. We are so THANKFUL for their service.

We had the unparalleled experience of assisting Troop 199 in Fishers, Indiana, on Flags Out Day which is the Saturday of the Memorial Day weekend. The scouts and their families placed flags on every military grave at the local cemetery, pausing at the foot of the grave to salute the fallen soldier. This moving and hugely important event creates and centers these young scouts to the sacrifice that these soldiers have made, for them, for their families, their communities, their cities, their states and for their country. It is an extremely moving event to see the the sea of flags that grace the cemetery after the scouts have finished placing flags.

Truly our heroes are those who unselfishly serve for us. And we heartedly thank you for your service.




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