‘Being Green’ and ‘Recycling’ have become the new buzzwords of our time. ‘Being Green’ is more than just beautifying the community. Being environmentally responsible means that we make every effort to leave a minimal footprint on the environment. MSP Seals knows the importance of taking care of the community and the world where we live, that’s why MSP Seals recycles.

MSP is utilizing drawing and file maintenance to safely maintain our customer’s custom seal designs and prints and to alleviate the common and unnecessary paper trail often associated with hard copy design plan maintenance. We are looking at all areas to go paperless. Obsolete documents/files are shredded and recycled.

With community recycling programs, MSP is able to recycle paper waste and cardboard waste, making a difference in our community and being responsible with our resources.

Look for MSP Seals as we go to the option of paperless invoicing in the near future. This will benefit our recycling efforts by eliminating the paper trail typically involved in payable and receivables and share our views of being more environmentally responsible.

Remember: ‘Waste not, want not”, in your office, your community and our world.

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