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LED Energy Efficiency

In an effort to be more energy efficient and consciously aware of the impact of fluorescent lighting.  MSP reviewed a full office and warehouse change to LED lighting to be more energy efficient and this year made our switch to LED lighting in all fixtures.

We found that LED lighting can use 50 to 60% less electricity than the traditional fluorescent bulbs. LED can also increase the lifespan of bulbs in fixtures by 2 to 3 times.  LED also has increased the lighting in the warehouse, improving quality in picking parts.

The common four foot fluorescent tube has a lifespan of around 20,000 hours. The LED replacement has a lifespan of around 50,000 hours.

Therefore, upgrading to LED will eliminate fluorescent bulb waste and conserve electricity, lessening our impact on the environment.

COVID-19 Response

Essential Business Statement:
To our customers, vendors, employees and all of their families;

As a supplier of seals, molded rubber and PTFE products, hose assemblies and adapters to many essential businesses, MSP Seals is considered an essential business and is open and functioning.

We are continuing to monitor the situation concerning the COVID-19 outbreak. We stay up to date with any CDC information, heeding recommendations that help keep our staff safe and healthy.  We’ve taken steps to heighten the cleanliness of our facility and our staff’s awareness of the situation.

Our supply chain is constructed to mitigate risk so that we can continue to serve our customers without interruption. This includes multiple sources of supply from diverse geographic locations. We have also taken into consideration any potential threats to sourcing and are adjusting stock levels as warranted. Any issues encountered which would impede our service will be shared immediately with our customer.

At this time, operations at MSP Seals have not been diminished. Should this change we will communicate it to those affected.

John Miller Sr.

Environmentally Responsible

‘Being Green’ and ‘Recycling’ have become the new buzzwords of our time. ‘Being Green’ is more than just beautifying the community. Being environmentally responsible means that we make every effort to leave a minimal footprint on the environment. MSP Seals knows the importance of taking care of the community and the world where we live, that’s why MSP Seals recycles.

MSP is utilizing drawing and file maintenance to safely maintain our customer’s custom seal designs and prints and to alleviate the common and unnecessary paper trail often associated with hard copy design plan maintenance. We are looking at all areas to go paperless. Obsolete documents/files are shredded and recycled.

With community recycling programs, MSP is able to recycle paper waste and cardboard waste, making a difference in our community and being responsible with our resources.

Look for MSP Seals as we go to the option of paperless invoicing in the near future. This will benefit our recycling efforts by eliminating the paper trail typically involved in payable and receivables and share our views of being more environmentally responsible.

Remember: ‘Waste not, want not”, in your office, your community and our world.

MSP would like to welcome Mark Fox to our MSP team

Mark will be handling Hose and Fittings sales in Indiana. Expanding our Hose Assemblies, Adapters & Fittings, Crimper Programs, and Hose Kits in Indiana’s OEM and MRO fields.

MSP Seals is now ISO 9001:2015 Certified

At MSP, we take quality seriously, which is why MSP went to the latest Standard. The 2015 Standard is a more rigorous quality requirement and expectation.

Congratulations, MSP, for the 9001:2015 certification!

MSP Launches New Product Line

MSP has launched their new Hose and Fittings product line. MSP now offers a wide variety of custom hose and fittings to suit your needs.

Hoses are made in the USA and assembled in Indiana.

Our state of the art facility allows us to make hose assemblies through 2” diameter. We offer standard and metric, push-on to quick connect. Our in-house service counter offers convenience, quality, and customer satisfaction that you have come to expect at MSP. Air & Hydraulic Fittings and couplings, Air & Hydraulic Hoses, Air & Hydraulic Components.

Because of the launch of this new product line, MSP is able to offer crimper programs and OEM packages. Call our office today!

MSP would like to welcome Billy Acey to our MSP team

Billy started at MSP, March 2014. He comes with 26 years of experience in hydraulic, pneumatic, power transmission, pumps, and industrial products. He makes a great asset to the MSP team, as he assists OEM customers, as well as, our counter sales.

MSP Seals has expanded

Due to the growing inventory and the needs of our customer base, MSP Seals has finished the expansion of the warehouse. Adding 7,000 square feet, MSP has expanded their warehouse to 14,000 square feet to accommodate the growing inventory, growing OEM base customers, growing specific requirements of customers, and the need for additional space.