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14001:2015 Environmental Management System

ISO 14001: Quais são as atualizações na norma? - biO3

MSP Seals is excited to announce that we have earned our certification to ISO 14001:2015.  

This was a natural progression in our continuing efforts to being a better corporate steward to the industry and to the environment, cutting out waste and becoming more environmentally minded in systems and in our processes. We have developed a more diligent waste-to-energy program, recycling company wide and are changing company vehicles towards all-electric vehicles.  We look forward to future projects to encourage less waste, less landfill usage and more thoughtful environmental consideration.

MSP Welcomes Corey Brown!

Aucar, Ashley / Welcome

MSP is proud to welcome Corey onto our sales team!!

Corey is in outside sales. He will be covering Marion County and the surrounding counties!

We are excited to have him on our team!

Kenneth Butler Memorial Soup Kitchen

Please partner with us to support the “Feed the Future” campaign at Kenneth Butler Memorial Soup Kitchen.  Serving approximately 2000 meals monthly, KBMSK is an important outreach to our community.


5/1/2021 – Major Update – We are SO EXCITED to announce that we have 4 generous donors who are offering a match for any gifts to our endowment fund from now until the end of the year!! That means if you donate $25, we get $50! Our endowment fund will pay grants to the soup kitchen every year FOREVER! That means our grandchildren, great-grandchildren and their grandchildren will always have a place to go for free hot food! If you want to double your donation, donate here: KBMSK Endowment Fund

In April, 2015, the Kenneth Butler Memorial Soup Kitchen Operating Endowment Fund was created under the administration of the Hancock County Community Foundation.  The endowment fund opens the door for an additional source of operating income – a “forever” fund to provide a perpetual stream of operating income.  This income can be utilized by our organization to help support day-to-day operations and services for generations to come.  In addition to cash gifts, an endowment fund benefits greatly from gifts made through wills, retirement plans, charitable annuities and trusts.

If you would like to make a contribution to the Kenneth Butler Memorial Soup Kitchen Endowment Fund, please contact Mary Gibble, President, Hancock County Community Foundation, 312 E. Main Street, Greenfield, IN 46140 (317) 462-8870.  Online gifts can be made at: – Donate to KBMSK Fund. Your generous gifts allow us to strengthen the long-term financial security of our organization as we focus on our mission to serve and create a brighter future for Hancock County.



Indiana Manufacturing Suppliers Expo




Make your plans to visit the Indiana Manufacturing Suppliers Expo in Indianapolis on August 26, 2021.

Expo unites manufacturers with suppliers, showcasing new technologies and services for the industry.

See you there!

Event Information and Registration:

Indiana Manufacturing Suppliers Expo Tickets, Thu, Aug 26, 2021 at 2:00 PM | Eventbrite.


You can read more about Indiana Manufacturing at:




MSP Seals Honors and Remembers on Memorial Day

Memorial Day is the unofficial beginning of summer. Grills are lit, patios are prepared, garden plants are planted, parades, watching the Indy 500, flags and a soft thank you for service to our country being said.

Memorial Day is about gratitude. It is about remembering fallen soldiers who died risking their lives for our country, the United States of America.  It is about honoring those who protect and serve our great nation. Those who put aside their own safety for our safety. They put aside their own comfort so that we can live in comfort. They lay down their lives for the principles and values of the United States of America. We are so THANKFUL for their service.

We had the unparalleled experience of assisting Troop 199 in Fishers, Indiana, on Flags Out Day which is the Saturday of the Memorial Day weekend. The scouts and their families placed flags on every military grave at the local cemetery, pausing at the foot of the grave to salute the fallen soldier. This moving and hugely important event creates and centers these young scouts to the sacrifice that these soldiers have made, for them, for their families, their communities, their cities, their states and for their country. It is an extremely moving event to see the the sea of flags that grace the cemetery after the scouts have finished placing flags.

Truly our heroes are those who unselfishly serve for us. And we heartedly thank you for your service.




Welcome Brandon Ford to our sales team!

MSP welcomes Brandon Ford to our MSP Team!

Brandon will be working on the Inside Sales Team and the Hose and Fittings Counter.

We are excited to have him on our team! Come by and see him and Billy at the counter for your seals and hoses!

Heading to ZERO Emissions

MSP Seals to go towards ZERO EMISSIONS

Shortly, MSP Seals will be replacing two of its fleet vehicles with full electric vehicles.  While there is an operating cost savings, this is being done primarily for its impact on emissions and the environment.

This change will reduce:

  1. Crude oil consumption by approx. 130 barrels per year
  2. Gasoline consumption by approx. 2,500 gallons per year
  3. Reduce our carbon footprint by approx. 22 tons of CO2 per year

We look forward to this move and will continue to evaluate more environmental savings.

Businesses Helping Local Communities

Soup Kitchens have long been a part of the American communities.  They serve hot meals to the homeless and hungry.  Businesses, churches and other groups step up to support those who need extra help.  Like many care projects, soup kitchens are affected by economic downturns and rising costs.  As we globally face the effects of COVID-19, let’s not forget the non-profit soup kitchens and food pantries that rely on donations and support.  Their needs and expenses do not go away, but they are increasing.  They are hurting and need our community of businesses and other groups to rally behind them in support.  Show your support of their efforts to feed the hungry and donate to your local food pantry or soup kitchen today.






LED Energy Efficiency

In an effort to be more energy efficient and consciously aware of the impact of fluorescent lighting.  MSP reviewed a full office and warehouse change to LED lighting to be more energy efficient and this year made our switch to LED lighting in all fixtures.

We found that LED lighting can use 50 to 60% less electricity than the traditional fluorescent bulbs. LED can also increase the lifespan of bulbs in fixtures by 2 to 3 times.  LED also has increased the lighting in the warehouse, improving quality in picking parts.

The common four foot fluorescent tube has a lifespan of around 20,000 hours. The LED replacement has a lifespan of around 50,000 hours.

Therefore, upgrading to LED will eliminate fluorescent bulb waste and conserve electricity, lessening our impact on the environment.